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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

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When it comes to home inspections, clients have many questions, but they often find answers difficult to come by. Akamai Structural Inspector LLC wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you make the right buying and selling decisions. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about home inspections.

FAQ 1. Can I attend the inspection?

Yes, of course, you can attend the inspection. An inspection on a 1700 Square Foot house will probably take 2 1/2 hours. Most people think that watching an inspector is like watching paint dry! Most of our clients have us give them a call when we are approximately 30 minutes from completion, and we go over our findings with them. This provides us with the opportunity to answer any questions that they might have and clear up any confusion about what we have uncovered.

FAQ 2. Do you check the HVAC system?

We test every system; we run the heater and A/C if the external temperature allows (if below 65 degrees, we turn the A/C on to make sure it activates and take a picture of the condenser/compressor to verify and then turn the system off so we don’t freeze the system up). We check the electrical panel for proper bonding and grounding, anti-oxidizer if aluminum wiring is present, and proper wire to circuit breaker size. We run the dishwasher, and the garbage disposal, test the oven and burners, check the microwave, check for adequate drainage at sinks and tubs, proper orientation (hot/cold) at all faucets, check every switch, and test all accessible electrical outlets for correct wiring and GFCI protection if applicable.

FAQ 3. Do you check for leaks and moisture?

When running the sinks and tubs, we check the drain lines and water lines for leaks. We then use thermal imagery at the end of the inspection to look for slow leaks, hidden moisture, and hot wires. We use a moisture meter to verify the finding if moisture is suspected.

FAQ 4. Do you inspect the roof?

When at all possible, we walk the roof. We are looking for damaged roof coverings, improper flashing, chimney caps, if applicable, gaps in areas around standpipes and vents, soft spots, and clogged valleys and gutters. If the home’s roof is not accessible, we will put up a drone and take pictures of the roofing components.

FAQ 5. Do you go into attics /crawl spaces?

Yes. We go into attics to check trusses, wiring, insulation, condensation, gas lines, refrigerant lines, and a visual inspection of the forced air units and ductwork. If the structure has a crawl space and access is available, we check the foundation, piers, supports, vapor barriers, insulation, and indications of moisture.

FAQ 6. How soon can you do an inspection?

Most contracts have a ten-day due diligence clause, and we try to get into the home as soon as possible once you have a contract for purchase. Sometimes it is within the next day or two; sometimes, due to tenants, it is upon availability due to the timing of legal requirements. We pride ourselves on turning inspection reports around in less than 24 hours so the buyer and seller have time to negotiate repairs.

FAQ 7. Do you mind if I ask a lot of questions?

The only way we can clarify your concerns is if you are asking questions! If we are doing a dissertation and your question will be answered when we get to that area, we may put your question off for a few minutes, but we will try to answer based on observation, knowledge, and experience. If we don’t know, we will tell you and try to get you an accurate answer. The only way to learn is to ask questions!

FAQ 8. What sets you apart from the other inspection companies?

We are a small boutique company, and we do a maximum of two inspections per inspector per day. We use the latest technology, continuing education, and tools to enhance our ability to find issues that may affect the home you are investing in. We inspect every property as if we were buying it for ourselves or a loved one. We offer up to two re-inspections at no additional cost based on “Sellers response to Buyers Request for repairs,” saving our clients between $150-$250 versus some of the other inspection companies. We have no additional add-ons, and we publish our prices online for most of our services!

If you are looking for a home inspection company in Las Vegas, Nevada, or the surrounding area, reach out to Akamai Structural Inspector LLC. We are one of the most trusted real estate home inspectors in the Las Vegas Valley. Akamai (Hawaiian for intelligent, knowledgeable, smart) is a highly skilled inspection company that understands the dynamics of one of the most daunting, life-changing events you can make. We will be there to enlighten you about the condition of your investment.

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